Week-long campaign to get people to 'go local'


SOME OF the biggest community organisations, including the IFA, the GAA and churches, will begin a campaign this weekend to persuade people to "go local".

A week-long information and activity campaign is to run in communities throughout the country from Sunday. The public will be encouraged to become more involved and support the many local businesses surrounding them through a major information campaign on radio and print.

The initiative is being co-ordinated by IFA Countryside, the rural affairs wing of the IFA, and will highlight the many local services that most people take for granted. The Vintners' Federation of Ireland and post offices are also taking part in the campaign.

In particular, the campaign will focus on the importance of communities supporting local shopkeepers, under severe pressure from supermarket multiples.

IFA Countryside chairman David Wilkinson said many rural shops were "living on a knife-edge". He hoped the campaign could raise awareness of what would be lost if local businesses closed down.

"This is a timely reminder that the day we do need these, they will no longer be there for us unless we change."