US woman may face charges after death of priest


An American woman may face murder charges in connection with the death of an Irish priest who has died 11 months after suffering a brutal attack in Florida.

The funeral of Holy Ghost Father Oliver Barrett takes place this morning at Rockwell College in Cashel, Co Tipperary. Father Barrett (81) died at a nursing home in Dublin on Friday. He had been ill since he was beaten with a concrete block last February. A 33-year-old woman, Ms Delta Sue Allen, was charged with attempted murder and robbery with a deadly weapon after the attack on Father Barrett at St Anne's church in Brownsville, Florida.

The priest received bruises and cuts during the attack. Prosecutors may charge Ms Allen with murder if they are certain Father Barrett's death was related to the attack.

Ms Allen remains in Escambia county jail on a bond of $250,000. Two days before the attack, she visited the church and falsely claimed that her daughter was about to have a kidney transplant.