Traffic change on Stephen's Green may be permanent


Dublin's new tram lines could permanently alter the flow of traffic around St Stephen's Green.

 The temporary traffic restriction surrounding St Stephen's Green could become a permanent fixture after drivers hailed it a success.

Mr Conor Faughnan of AA Roadwatch said drivers had found the new flow of traffic around St Stephen's Green had freed up the congestion hot-spot.

The roads surrounding the park were opened up to two-way traffic last Sunday, to repair the surface damage caused by the new tram lines .

Mr Faughnan said: "It worked like a dream, it went extremely well, even though all schools are off at the moment. The traffic went smoothly in combination with the Luas."

Dublin City Council has said the traffic system could become a permanent fixture if it is successful. Mr Brendan O'Brien, head of technical services with Dublin City Council, said: "We will be monitoring the situation to see if it is better or worse as a result of it."

The temporary restrictions will be in place until late September.

If it is deemed a success then a period of public consultation could take place to make it permanent.

Mr O'Brien said: "From out point of view it went very well, certainly the implementation did, so far so good. There have been no additional queues on the Green."

Drivers had complained there was no right turn from St Stephen's Green onto Merrion Row which resulted in a detour.

Mr O'Brien said the council had considered this but a Quality Bus Corridor was in place and both could not be accommodated. Some of the road around the park has been opened up to two-way traffic and the west side of the Green from Cuffe St to York Street has been closed for roadworks.