Three-year funding in new policy for drama


A drama policy in the Republic, which includes three year funding cycles and a commitment to openness and transparency in how projects are funded, has been published by the Arts Council.

The policy document came out of the preparatory work for the Arts Plan. The policy will develop a "career path "for theatre and support drama in community initiatives.

The Arts Council commits itself to using its grants structures to encourage experimentation and innovation and to develop audiences for theatre. In co-operation with the Arts Council of Northern Ireland a fund will be set up to encourage cross Border theatre touring. The council will also seek solutions to the problem of a shortage of viable performance space.

The council's chairman, Dr Ciaran Benson, said State funding for the arts had increased from £11.56 million in 1993 to £18.4 million in 1996.

The strategic alliance of the Arts Council and the Department of, Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht had been to the tangible benefit of art, he added.