This Week They Said


The truth is that Sinn Féin has a private army and there can only be one army in the State under the Constitution. You can't have two.John O'Donoghue, Minster for Arts, Sport and Tourism

Br Kevin Crowley, director of the Capuchin day centre in Dublin, as it is reported that 40 per cent of homeless people coming to it for help are non-nationals, many from Poland

People who think they may have a fraud on their account should check with their family members before going to their bank.

Una Dillon, head of card services with the Irish Payment Services Organisation, says parents who believe they have been victims of ATM fraud may in fact be the victims of free-spending offspring

Payments to families at risk of poverty shouldn't be about whether people are living together or not.

Minister for Social Welfare, Séamus Brennan, says he is considering dropping the requirement that single mothers receiving social welfare support do not live with their partners

It was a bit frantic in the beginning, but people seemed to know where they were going, particularly those who had been queueing for several hours before the doors opened.

Aidan McGuinness, director of Arnotts, as tens of thousands hit the street for the Christmas sales

It is inevitable that Bupa Ireland will have to cease doing business in Ireland.

Martin O'Rourke, chief executive of health insurer Bupa Ireland, says that in the event of risk equalisation being introduced, the company would have to withdraw from the Irish market

Through obsession or obliviousness, rigidity or laziness, Bush got himself singed, tossed about, engulfed and nearly buried.

Sidney Blumenthal, a senior adviser to former president Clinton, on the Bush administration's annus horribilis

I'm going to miss it. I eat for an hour and a half just two courses and I can take a siesta in my chair.

José López, a Spanish health ministry worker, as the Madrid government declares an end to the traditional two-hour lunch break for civil servants

It delivered very strong growth in what is truly a highly unforgiving, competitive, cruel market.

Jack Foley, president of theatrical distribution for Focus Features, as Brokeback Mountain, a movie about a gay romance between two cowherds, emerges as the biggest Christmas hit at the US box office

The winter will be a bigger killer.

Ishfaq Ahmed of the Kashmir International Relief Fund says freezing temperatures will kill more people in refugee camps along the India-Pakistan border than the earthquake that caused 73,000 fatalities last autumn

Celebrities deserve protection of their reputation and legal rights when the occasional fan becomes dangerous or deluded.

Pat Rogers, a lawyer acting for the US chat show host David Letterman, who has been accused of sending subliminal messages to a viewer in New Mexico, including a proposal of marriage

Christmas was not an uncommon surname in these parts around that time. In the 16th century old people were often called Old Mother this or Old Father that, and this chap obviously took that nickname to his grave.

Richard Harris, chief archivist at the Essex records office, where a death notice for a "Father Christmas" has been found. Father Christmas is said to have died on May 30th, 1564

Western politicians despise democracy and prefer to shine the shoes of [the United States].

Noam Chomsky, the radical American writer and academic, accuses the Irish Government of tugging the forelock to Washington