The Great Christmas Carol Kidnap


THE four year old audience members knew their own mind, roaring out their reactions "that's not a king, that's Santa" "you're stupid, play something else" with a fine disregard for the nuances of this appealing music theatre piece, devised by Nico Brown and Martin Drury as an introduction for young children to musical sounds and rhythms.

When the Wizard (Louis Lovett) steals all the Christmas music and takes it to the bottom of the sea its up for Nichcolas (Nico Brown), the hapless, court musician, and Decibella (Diane O'Keefe), the cellist, who's the wizard's prisoner, to rescue it in time for the King's Christmas concert. With the help of lots of humming and singing from the audience, they are transported underwater and up into the clouds, with the stage beautifully transformed by Joanna Taylor's sets and Ciara McCarthy's lighting.

This is a magical performance, educational without being earnest, full of fun and lightly blending the familiar with the exotic.