Spice Girl hires lawyers over `split'


Spice Girl Geri Halliwell was last night reported to have hired a team of lawyers to handle her apparent split from the group.

The future of the British pop band was looking increasingly gloomy as their record company admitted the falling out between the remaining four girls and 25-year-old Geri, also known as Ginger Spice, might not be resolved.

A spokesman for Virgin Records said: "Geri is suffering from nervous exhaustion, she has been seen by doctors. She is extremely tired and overwrought by the tour and has had a bad bout of gastroenteritis.

"There has been a falling out between the girls Geri is very strong-minded and they have had many, many such arguments in the past.

"The truth of the situation is that we simply don't know what will happen. It is possible that this could be the end but personally I believe it is extremely unlikely. Geri needs time to recover and there will a big making up."

The remaining four Spice Girls stuck to their story that Ginger Spice was simply unwell as they completed their second date in Oslo in front of 7,000 fans last night.