Tenants: Share your stories of unfair treatment by landlords

Government set to limit advance payments to a deposit and one month’s rent

The Government is planning new measures to protect tenants, but is it enough?

The Minister for Housing is set to limit advance payments for new tenants make to landlords to a deposit and one month’s rent. This will apply to all tenants, including those in student-only accommodation.

The Cabinet has also extended the protection for tenants getting Covid-related payment who are at risk of homelessness or in arrears. These people will be shielded from evictions and rent increases until January 2022.

Have you experienced unfair treatment by landlords when it comes to deposits, notice, sharp rent increases or other issues? Has the pandemic made this worse? Tell us what happened. How do you think the Government could protect tenants further?


We will compile a selection into an article to share a snapshot of rental life with our readers.

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