Review programme, says Boyle


GREEN PARTY:THE PROGRAMME for Government should be reviewed after the forthcoming elections,  Green Party chairman and European candidate in Ireland South, Senator Dan Boyle, said in Tralee, Co Kerry, yesterday.

“Most of the Green Party elements of it have now been implemented.  It is a document that is in need of review, and the period after these elections would be an ideal opportunity to do that.”

He said it was clear that the conduct and performance of the Government would dominate the current campaign. “There are too many unresolved issues. Too many policy errors remain that have not been admitted to, areas where responsibility has not been taken.

“The policy of pump-priming the property boom has been a disaster. The light-touch regulation of our financial institutions has been a disaster. The awarding of excessive salary arrangements in the private sector, in the public sector and in political life has been a disaster,” he said.

“The policies pursued have not been Green Party policies, and yet we now find ourselves in government having to deal with their consequences.”