Students pay respects to education


THIRD-LEVEL students held a symbolic funeral procession through the streets of the capital yesterday at what they warned would be “the death of education” in next month’s budget.

The march was organised by the Union of Students in Ireland as part of its wider campaign against an anticipated increase in student fees in the budget.

At the front of the procession, which went from the Department of Education on Marlborough Street to Leinster House, students dressed in funeral attire and carrying a large banner emblazoned with the words “RIP The Death of Education 1922-2011” walked behind a hearse. When the rally reached Kildare Street, protesters removed a coffin from the hearse before carrying it to the gates of Leinster House.

In his speech at the rally, USI president Gary Redmond told protesters that any further increases in student fees or cuts in student supports would be a “death sentence for education” and severely undermine the State’s economic recovery.

“Every single cent spent on education is an investment in economic recovery and an investment in Ireland’s future.

“The same families that have to pay college fees are the same families who are struggling to pay mortgages, keep food on the table and keep the lights on.”