Labour Party advertises for new general secretary

Move follows David Leach’s decision to take up communications position with charity Goal

The Labour Party has advertised for a new general secretary.

The move follows current general secretary David Leach's recent announcement that he is resigning to take up a position as director of communications with the charity Goal.

The advertisement calls for a candidate with an ability to relate to the membership of Labour.

“The successful candidate must be prepared to work unsocial hours, with a small but enthusiastic staff, and generally be willing to accept the pressures of serving a vigorous political party,” the advertisement states.

A number of internal applications is expected and the post is being advertised publicly.

‘Genuine commitment’

The advertisement calls for a candidate with a “genuine commitment to advancing social democracy”.

A sound knowledge of the political scene at home and abroad is also a requirement.

The successful candidate will undertake the management of the party’s finances.

He or she will also be working as part of the election campaign team to prepare strategy.

“As guardian of the constitution of the Labour Party, it is an essential requirement of the position of general secretary that the person so appointed fully subscribes to the values and objectives as set out in the Labour Party constitution,” the advertisement concludes.