Israel accused of terrorism over Gaza


SEANAD REPORT:ISRAEL WAS pursuing a policy of “official terrorism” in relation to Gaza, a Government member said. Labhras Ó Murchú (FF) joined party colleagues in seeking a debate on the Middle East.

Terry Leyden (FF) said Israeli forces had boarded a boat carrying humanitarian aid for the 1.5 million people trapped in despair in Gaza. Gaza was an open prison, with the inhabitants being confined by the Israeli government.

David Norris (Ind) said his former partner, Israeli peace activist Ezra Nawi, was about to be sentenced by a court in Jerusalem. His so-called crime had been to participate in a non-violent demonstration against the demolition of two elderly Palestinians’ homes.

Mr Leyden was correct about the piracy committed by the Israeli navy against the Spirit of Humanity.The boat was carrying medicine, food and toys for people in despair, added Mr Norris.

Mr Ó Murchú said the new US administration had taken a stronger line with Israel, but it was evident the Israelis did not take any notice of international pressure. Calling for a debate on the Middle East, he said: “We should place it on the line that we, as representatives of the Irish people, are not happy with what we now see as official terrorism, starving people, denying them medicines, and creating a ghetto.”


Eugene Regan (FG) wondered if lightning would strike twice in relation to the timing of the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Expressing shock that there may not be a treaty debate in the House before the summer recess, this would mean there would be no parliamentary discussion until a few weeks before the vote.

“We need to debate the treaty because there were diverging views in the House on the very issues that have been clarified by the European Council . . . pertaining to neutrality, tax, the right to life and the family,” he said.