'Irish Times' critique of Geoghegan-Quinn shameful, says FF


SEANAD REPORT:IT WAS shameful that The Irish Timeswas knocking Máire Geoghegan-Quinn even before she had been officially nominated as European commissioner, Terry Leyden (FF) said.

The Irish Timeshad a widespread circulation on the internet and adverse comments in this regard was akin to putting down our chances in the soccer international against the French. Ms Geoghegan-Quinn would, in his opinion, make an excellent commissioner.

The arguments over bank chiefs’ pay was a smokescreen to enable the banks to get away with the senior appointments they wished, Paschal Donohoe (FG) contended. It was apparent that the banks would get senior appointments at a “lower” wage.

They would appear chaste and humble in front of a nation, but they would have achieved their aim. “They will have got an insider appointment and the corporate governance principles that they want.”

Mr Donohoe said he thought they were being set up by leaks from a bank.He said he wondered if a set-up was not being indulged in. AIB would get whom they wanted at a “ lower” wage. “They will appear chaste and humbled in front of a nation, but they will get what they want.”

A Fine Gael attempt to enable the House to join with the Dáil in authorising involvement in European Defence Agency initiatives and operations did not succeed.

Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea said there was a constitutional requirement on the declaration of war and a legislative imperative on the deployment of Irish troops overseas.

He did not think that a lesser requirement in terms of agency operations should be subject to the requirements being suggested.

Eugene Regan (FG) said he wondered why the Minister for Finance had found it necessary to bring to Cabinet a matter concerning bank executives’ pay.

It would seem the Minister went to Cabinet yesterday with recommendations on the person to be appointed as managing director and then payment of €633,000, Mr Regan said.

He found the explanation of the Minister for Finance on how this matter emerged yesterday entirely unconvincing.