Police acted fairly - family


THE family of Mr Brendan Woolhead, the Dublin man who was injured in the IRA bus bomb in London, said yesterday that they did not blame the British police for any misunderstandings after the explosion. Mr Woolhead was initially held under armed guard in hospital suspected of being involved in the bombing.

In an interview with a radio station, Mr Woolhead's partner, Gillian, said the armed officers had been fair and that the family accepted it was necessary for him to be eliminated from police inquiries.

"The armed guard were very fair to us throughout. There were two in Brendan's room and six outside but he was not really aware that he was under guard. I understand the police have a job to do. It's just unfortunate that it's our personal trauma at the moment. But we understand these people have to be caught," she said.

Mr Woolhead (33) from Finglas in Dublin, is suffering from a fractured pelvis and skull.