Pigmeat processors reassure public


The Irish Association of Pigmeat Processors (IAPP) today reassured the public that its members were working closely with authorities during the pork crisis.

It said the recall was thrust upon the industry due to the feed contaminant problem on 10 pig farms and was a blow to the entire sector.

The association vowed to work with the Department of Agriculture and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland to deal with the withdrawal of pigmeat immediately.

An IAPP spokesman said processors recognised the intention of the full recall was to move quickly to reassure consumers that the limited amount of product in the overall system that may have contamination was thoroughly dealt with.

“The IAPP stresses that output from these farms represents less than 10 per cent of Irish pigmeat production and the decision by the Authorities to initiate a full recall of pigmeat products from September 1 is a comprehensive precautionary step,” he said.

“We also understand that one small feed supplier is concerned and that the feed source concerned has been contained and is in the process of being withdrawn.”

The IAPP said the industry was engaging with the Government and other stakeholders to quickly put in place plans, both operational and financial, that will ensure the continuity of business in the sector.

“The Irish pigmeat sector is a major industry sector with a turnover value of €500 million and a strong international reputation for quality products,” he said.

“Irish pigmeat processors operate to the highest EU and international standards. This issue has been thrust upon us because of a feed contaminant problem on a small number of farms.

“This development is without doubt a major blow to the Irish pigmeat sector.”