Paisley remains in intensive care


The former DUP leader and First Minister, the Rev Ian Paisley, continues to be treated at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald in east Belfast this evening.

Dr Paisley (85) was admitted to the hospital on Sunday suffering from what is understood to be a serious heart condition.

Family members remained at his bedside as he was treated for his illness. One well-placed source said that Dr Paisley appeared to be more stable today but that he remained seriously ill.

The Rev Roy Patton, who is to be installed as the next moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in May, offered his best wishes to Dr Paisley and his family.

“We want to convey to Dr Paisley and to Baroness Paisley and to the family our support and our prayers,” he said.

“We have had our differences in the past but it would be inappropriate to dwell on those differences at the present time but rather recognise the qualities that Dr Paisley has brought to his ministry, his faith, his pastoral word and his desire to serve in the ways in which we all seek to serve,” added Mr Patton.