Motion urges new ceasefire


MANDATE has called on the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to approach the army council of the IRA to reinstate its ceasefire.

The peace process was not the property of any organisation or group, Mr Con O'Donoghue of Cork said in proposing an emergency motion from the floor by Cork branch.

Paying tribute to the ICTU's role in working for peace in Northern Ireland, he added that as far back as 1916 the labour movement had been involved in the political life of the country.

There had been a growing demand from the people of Ireland to be given back their peace. The labour movement still had an important role to play, since it was not preoccupied with party political manoeuvring.

Mr Brendan Archbold of Dublin said he regretted that the issue of the North had been too sensitive to be discussed within the union. He criticised the motion as too simplistic. It was based on the notion that if the Provos were to go away the problem would be solved.

The motion was passed overwhelmingly.