Keith Bennett's family vows to find his body as mother dies


The family of the mother of Moors murders victim Keith Bennett has vowed to continue the fight to find his body and give her son a Christian burial.

Winnie Johnson (78) died in the early hours of Saturday at a hospice after having suffered from cancer for a number of years.

Ian Brady, the killer of her 12-year-old son, has always refused to say where he buried him on Saddleworth Moor above Manchester, despite decades of pleading from his victim’s grieving mother.

Mrs Johnson died not knowing about reports on Friday that Brady might have revealed the location of the body in a supposed letter addressed to her to be opened on his death.

Brady (74) and his partner, Myra Hindley, who died in jail in 2002 aged 60, were responsible for the murders of five youngsters in the 1960s.

Most of their victims were sexually tortured before being buried on Saddleworth Moor, with Keith’s body the only one yet to be found.