Keane 'still available for World Cup' says interviewer


The TV journalist who interviewed Roy Keane about his dismissal from Ireland's World Cup squad, tonight said he was "100 per cent" convinced the player's latest comments could pave the way for a settlement to the row.

Tommie Gorman said the Manchester United midfielder was "a man who is still willing, still yearning to play for Ireland in this year's World Cup".

The interview was being shown in part on RTE's early evening news show this evening and in full later tonight.

Gorman did not disclose directly anything that Keane said in the interview, but reported: "He is deeply emotional about what has happened.

"You will see his sense of hurt, but the bottom line I drew from it is that Roy Keane is certainly available and would certainly love to play in this World Cup."

He said on radio: "Roy Keane is available to go back. I am not going to go into the details of what he says and does not say.

"He came as arranged with his agent and ran away from no questions. He answered them head on.

"He left at one stage to pick his schoolchildren, he did the school run."