Irish man tries to arrest Israeli minister again


AN IRISH journalist and political activist who tried last year to execute a citizen’s arrest of Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman made a second attempt to arrest him in Brussels yesterday.

Dubliner David Cronin, who tried to arrest former British prime minister Tony Blair two years ago, said on his internet blog that security officials in the headquarters of the European Council took him away when he sought to address Mr Lieberman at the start of a press conference.

“As soon as I saw the Israeli foreign minister enter a room where he was scheduled to give a press conference in Brussels, I stood up and shouted: ‘Mr Lieberman, this is a citizen’s arrest. You are charged with the crime of apartheid.’ Immediately, I was grabbed by security guards,” he wrote.

He was later released.

Mr Cronin said he had been warned yesterday not to attempt to arrest Mr Lieberman again. When a security official asked him why he did so again, he replied that he felt “very strongly about the occupation of Palestine”.