‘I very much appreciated our exchange of views’

Letter from Haughey to Bush

Dear Mr President,

Thank you for your letter which I received on 1st April on US policy towards Central America. I note that Secretary Baker will be writing shortly to the Tánaiste, Brian Lenihan, setting out your views in more detail.

At this stage I should like to inform you in response to your letter that I availed of the occasion of my talks with President Gorbachev to convey to him emphatically our interest in good Soviet-American relations. I expressed to him our satisfaction that these relations had progressed very favourably recently and our hope that developments in Central America will not put any obstacle in the way of their further favourable development.

In his response, President Gorbachev expressed his hopes for the favourable development of his bilateral relations with the United States and some worry which he had in this regard, which I have had conveyed to your embassy here.


I greatly appreciated the opportunity to call on you on St Patrick’s Day and I thank you warmly for the courtesy and kindness with which you received me. I very much appreciated our exchange of views and I look forward to seeing you in Ireland on a future occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Charles J Haughey