Could Graham Dwyer win his appeal?

In the News podcast: How a series of legal rulings help and hinder his case

Could Ireland's most notorious murderer Graham Dwyer win a retrial, or even walk free?

Dwyer, who was convicted of the murder of Elaine O’Hara in 2015, reportedly believes so.

In the years since Dwyer was handed a life sentence, court rulings on the legality of key evidence used against him – mobile phone metadata – have given him hope.

On today's podcast, crime correspondent Conor Gallagher talks to Sorcha Pollak about the Dwyer case and his appeal.


First they look back on the case and the mountain of evidence, including the mobile phone metadata, that was used to convict Dwyer.

Then they go through the legal arguments at the heart of Dwyer’s appeal to understand whether he has a genuine path to freedom.

Warning: this podcast contains some graphic descriptions of abuse and violence.

You can listen to the podcast here: