Not necessary, but desirable


Dear Editor,

Christina Murphy's reply to the Howth, Co Dublin, reader in Q&A of March 19th quite correctly pointed out that it is "perfectly possible to do a degree in commerce, business or finance without having any business subject in the Leaving Certificate at all". However, while these subjects are not compulsory I believe they are at least desirable for prospective third-level students.

The feedback my colleagues and I receive from our ex-pupils at third level is that the study of Leaving Certificate economics, accounting or business organisation gave them a distinct advantage in college.

It cannot be easy, especially since the advent of semesterisation, for students not familiar with business subjects at secondary level to come to terms with so many new concepts in a three/four month period. Were one never to have pursued a college career a working knowledge of Leaving Certificate economics, accounting or business organisation would certainly benefit students in many ways in their every day lives. The subjects, while always worthwhile in our opinion, have become even more relevant and student friendly since the three syllabii have been revised. Keep up the good work.


Hon Nat President Business Studies Teachers' Association of Ireland