* That Inside the Department documentary on Ruairí Quinn and his advisers

Ruairí Quinn’s advisers offer a stark reminder of why we’ll find it so hard to recover as a country. They talk a lot, but say nothing. @MrNiallMcGarry

Wonder how much that tableful of advisers cost? – SayItAintSo,

Six advisors talking about cutting special needs assistants. – RobertW,

Fly-on-the-wall doc on Ruairí Quinn is less interesting than a fly on the wall. @jonathangrimes

Ruairí Quinn has a Nespresso machine? How very dare he! @sherqui

A wonderful insight into an elitist left wing ideologue who will destroy education. @PoliIreland

Found it excellent. I have to admit I have retained my general respect for him. @simonmlewis

Appalled by Ruairí Quinn’s admission on RTÉ that he listens to Mahler’s 9th as he is chauffeured about. The 5th is a much finer work. @KimBielenberg

D4 rugger-buggers with Hollister lifestyles do have jobs. Some are political advisors to Ruairí Quinn! @barryhughes

I really don’t know what people expected. Did you expect The West Wing? A cadre of previously unknown hyper-efficient and change-embracing senior civil servants willing to deliver the needed cuts and changes? Whatever you think of Quinn or what’s happened, that a new Minister delivering a reform agenda would bring in their own people is hardly surprising. – Sexy_Donkey,

Watching Ruairí Quinn’s documentary tonight was like watching The Thick of It and thats not a compliment. @niallgargan

Very interesting documentary. Well done RTÉ and fair play to Ruairí Quinn for allowing the cameras follow him for the year. @rettiwt5463

Two things sand out so far, Quinn cannot touch 80 per cent of his budget because of Croke Park and it’s clear that the influence of teachers in influencing parents to benefit the interests of teachers, is resented in the DoE. – Keith-M,

Junior Cert results

Never been so nervous in my life!!! @Marianne_Murrs

OMG! The drama in our house #mostofitbouthairnotgrades! @bazashmawy

Junior Cert is pointless, it doesn’t prepare students for anything and adds unnecessary stress into their lives. @TonyTelecoms

Oh my God. I’m so nervous about these results. Been excited all week and now I feel sick. @InNathSykesTent

Ah Junior Cert results night when the 15 year-olds of south Dublin recreate Swedish House fest outside my flat: joy. @NiamhPuirseil

A in Irish ”an bhfuil tu go maith mar ta tu ag feachaint go maith” must’ve worked well with the oral examiner. @CaitlinRoarty