ROLLING BACK ON DEIS CUTS: What’s the talk of education

ROLLING BACK ON DEIS CUTS:What's the talk of education

Ok that’s Deis schools, septic tanks, bogs and ... @GerardHowlin

Reversing the Deis cuts was not worth cutting the capitation for everyone else by 1.5 per cent more! - @OfficialEoin

Quinn admits he made mistake re Deis schools? If he’s in mood for apologies, could he mention guidance, special needs, pay cuts? – @levdavidovic


Giving in again to public sector unions, while telling employers to subsidise staff taking sick leave. Reform the private sector but featherbed the public sector. Croke Farce in action. Makes me ill.

– Adam Magari,

What about band 3. Have all the ministers forgotten about this band or is it because band 3 is in rural Ireland? – Leah

McDonnell Geraghty,

Just shows what can be achieved when you get organised and fight the cuts.

– Niall McGabhann,

Small schools still sunk. Nothing for rural Deis. INTO do not welcome this please.

– Teresa Moran,


It’s insulting when said €1,400 could fund badly-needed educational personnel/ resources cut from Deis – @Niamh_M

Cathal MacCoille on @morning_ireland hit Ruairí Quinn with lots of stories – Deis schools, expenses, State assets – but Quinn didn’t bite. - @ChristineBohan


I am actually in shock. How can something that is so subjective and open to opinion be included in an exam in a modern college? I could understand something like “Atheist humanism has produced the worst horrors history has ever witnessed. Discuss.” But actually putting a true/false option there! I knew what I was letting myself in for when deciding to train as a primary school teacher in Ireland, but I didn’t think it was this bad. Unbelievable.

– number10a,

I went to Mary Immaculate, and while they do their best to shove Catholicism down your throat at every turn, there was never any slander of other religious standpoints/beliefs/or lack of by the college in either the lectures or the courses. As for teaching in this country, get used to being a massive hypocrite when it comes to doing the job you always wanted to do. Alive O is mentally numbing. – D4rk onion,

I have an acquaintance studying primary school teaching and lives in fear of being "outed" as an atheist. It's a really messed- up system. – Galvasean,

I'm in my final year at Mary Immaculate College. The experience has thus far meant that I had to leave my home, compromise my integrity and discard any moral doctrine I had attempted to adopt in order to improve my ethical decision-making. We're obliged to do an excess of 200 hours of religion lectures where we're being taught such bullshit as "God acting Womanish" and "Improving our Relationships with God through Sacraments". They take it for granted that Christianity is correct. – Pandorly,