Dr Daly appeals for IRA ceasefire


THE former Catholic Primate, Cardinal Cahal Daly, last night appealed for restraint in Northern Ireland and singled out the IRA as having the greatest power to transform the current situation there by reinstating its ceasefire.

"No single thing would transform the whole situation more than a definitive reinstatement of the IRA ceasefire. Everything that Sinn Fein have worked for over many years, indeed everything that nationalists have hoped for, would be wrecked and ruined by a resumption of violence", he said.

Admitting that the prospects ford peace in the North seemed precarious at present, Cardinal Daly appealed to all sides to show restraint: "May God grant that no group will be so irresponsible as to decide on such a resumption of violence."

Cardinal Daly paid tribute to the Government, in particular the Taoiseach, Mr Bruton, and the Tanaiste, Mr Spring, for their efforts to bring peace to the North. He added: "It should be acknowledged that the peace they are working for is peace for unionists as much as peace for nationalists, with all the incalculable benefits which, peace will bring to both communities.

Cardinal Daly was speaking at the Tree of Light ceremony at St Mary's Cathedral in Killarney where a 100 year old redwood tree has been decorated with 3,176 bulbs to commemorate each of the victims of violence in the North over the past 27 years.

He praised the organisers of the ceremony, saying: "Your concept of lighting one light for each of the victims of the `troubles' in the North over the past quarter of a century is a noble one. It gives comfort and hope to the bereaved, and indeed to all of us in the North, to know that our trials are remembered with concern and in prayer in the county farthest away from Belfast and Derry."

Among those participating in the ceremony were the Catholic Bishop of Kerry, Dr Bill Murphy and the Church of Ireland Bishop of Limerick and Aghadoe, Dr Edward Darling. St Mary's Cathedral Choir and Killarney Concert Band also took part.