Directorship ban on businessman after fraud claim


THE former owner of a small Belfast computer company was banned from holding a directorship in any business for 10 years at Belfast Crown Court yesterday.

Martin Montgomery (29), of Regency Gardens, Newtownards, was also given an 18-month jail term, suspended for two years, after admitting making a fraudulent claim for nearly £65,000 VAT repayment for the business.

Judge James Brady heard that Montgomery's business had got into financial difficulties after he lost most of his stock-in-trade in an uninsured burglary.

Defence counsel said the fraudulent application in April 1995 had been made for almost the same amount as the debts owed by Montgomery, and was not a calculated attempt to "line his pockets".

Judge Brady said Montgomery had embarked upon a fairly unsophisticated attempt to get money from the Customs and Excise.

He disqualified Montgomery as a director of a business because he felt he would be better working for someone else rather than assuming responsibility.