Teenager gets driving ban for parking in disabled spaces

Judge accuses teen of breathtaking arrogance and ignorance


A Limerick teenager who parked his car across two disabled parking spaces has been accused by a judge of breathtaking arrogance and a “lack of human feeling”.

At Ennis District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan continued his hard line against motorists who park on disabled spaces by banning John McNamara (18), of O’Donoghue Avenue, Jamesboro, Limerick, from driving for five months after he pleaded guilty to parking in the disabled zone at Ennis’s Parnell Street car park on January 4th.

Judge Durcan had earlier imposed a five-month driving ban on Iwona Zaton, of Aughanteeroe, Gort Road, Ennis, for parking in a disabled space in Ennis on January 14th.

Defence solicitor Tara Godfrey said Mr McNamara – who has no previous convictions – was going to a cinema for an evening film and had parked in the Parnell Street carpark.“He thought it was alright to park in the disabled spot there at that time of the evening.”

Judge Durcan said Mr McNamara had shown total disregard for others. After imposing the driving ban and a €500 fine, Judge Durcan said: “I would ask that Mr McNamara reflect on his attitude and change his attitude to society generally.”