Couple who "married" minutes after meeting break up after honeymoon


TWO STRANGERS who exchanged marriage vows on a local radio station have split up after just one week together.

The couple, who pledged lifelong fidelity to each other minutes after meeting for the first time, went their separate ways after a short honeymoon in Portugal.

Bebhinn O’Keeffe (25) and Alan Healy (31) arrived back in Waterford yesterday evening.

“I didn’t see much of Alan on the holiday and I don’t want to either,” said Ms O’Keeffe. “I suppose there was a lot of expectation on both our parts that didn’t come to anything.”

The pair exchanged vows in a non-binding ceremony as the climax of Beat 102-103’s “Two Strangers and a Wedding” competition, which involved more than 85 men and women vying for the chance to get married live on air. The marriage was not recognised by the State but the couple had the option of legally registering their union after a number of months.

They were also offered, as part of their prize,the use of a home in Wexford rent-free for a year if they decided to stay together after three months.

“I’m definitely not going to see him again,” said Ms O’Keeffe, who added that she enjoyed the holiday with the radio station representatives but not with Mr Healy.

“We just have very different outlooks on life,”she said.

Mr Healy was unavailable for comment yesterday.