Council urged to block high rise


Local residents around George’s Quay in south inner city Dublin have called on councillors to oppose plans for high rise development in the area, including a 22-storey building at Tara Street Station.

The George’s Quay Plan is due to come before councillors in Dublin City Council tomorrow.

It covers the area from Lombard Street to Hawkins Street, where the Department of Health building stands, and from the quays to Townsend Street and part of Pearse Street.

It includes a 22-storey building at Tara Street, two 15-storey buildings on Gloucester Street beside the City Quay School and church and a number of 10 and eight-storey buildings.

In February, An Bord Pleanála gave permission to Iarnród Éireann to redevelop Tara Street Station, but only when its height was reduced from 15 to 12 storeys.

It had said the 15-storey proposal “would be visually obtrusive”, would “adversely affect the setting of the Custom House”, and would “unduly detract from the visual character and amenities of the city centre”.

Concerned resident John Augusta said locals were disappointed they were told nothing about the plan. They were up in arms about it, he said. Though the plan was put out for public consultation in 2008, he said residents did not see advertisements to that effect in the newspaper and knew nothing about it.

“We are very concerned about the heights involved; they will put the whole area in shadow and will create wind tunnels,” he said. “And the church and school will be buried between skyscrapers, they will disappear under all this.”

He called on councillors to reject the plan.

Local Labour Party Councillor Kevin Humphreys said there had been public consultation on the plan including a leaflet drop and a public meeting. Councillors, including Mr Humphreys, had approved the plan at a local area committee meeting in March.

He said he fully supported the plan, which is listed for today’s council meeting, but could be delayed until next month.

“It will get a full debate when it comes before the council,” he said.