Corporation pays out less compensation


DUBLIN Corporation paid out £857,829.39 less in compensation claims, including costs, last year than it did in 1995.

In a written reply to Mr Ivor Callely TD, the Dublin city manager Mr John Fitzgerald, said the corporation paid about £5,322,666.61 in 1996. In 1995 the total figure was £6,180,496. In 1994 it was £5,599,000, and in 1993 it was £5,769,000.

In a breakdown of the figures, Mr Fitzgerald indicated that the amount paid to third party solicitors last year was £1,397,237.30 (compared to, £1,539,076.69 in 1995, £1,409,597.11 in 1994, and £1,324,564.26 in 1993).

The total paid to barristers representing Dublin Corporation in 1996 was £361,957. In 1995 the figure was £411,819.17, in 1994 it was £428,310.18 and it was £318,461.55 in 1993.