Postal deadline for property tax today

Paper returns must be received by next Tuesday


Homeowners who want to pay their local property tax by post should send their form by end of today, the Office of the Revenue Commissioners has said.

The deadline for receipt of paper return forms is May 7th, but people intending to use this method have been advised to post the form today because of the bank holiday on Monday.

Homeowners intending to file online have until May 28th to file their return. Those who own more than one property must use the online system to pay.

There is no option on the tax return form to indicate you wish to pay by cheque or postal order, but people sending their return by post can use either of these methods. To do so they should choose the “Cash Payments” option on the form and write a note beside this stating that a cheque/postal order is attached to the form. The cheque must be in date and it is recommended that the Property ID and PPSN are written on the back.

The property tax is based on self assessment and while the Revenue provides an estimate, this is just an average valuation for properties in the area and it is up to the property owner to determine the value of their home.

However, for those who do not file before the May 28th deadline, the Revenue figure will stand. The valuation of the property made by the property owner, or the Revenue default valuation, will be used as the basis for the property tax liability for the next three years.

Homeowners who have not received a return form, are still liable for the tax and must file a return, but would not be able at this stage to use the postal method. They must instead file online at by clicking on the “I have not received a Property PIN” tab or can file online over the phone by ringing 1890 200 255.

Figures this week from Revenue show that 332,500 property tax payments have been made at a value of more than €21 million . Of these 204,891 were electronic returns, and 127,609 were returns received by post. The payments to date suggest the non-payment rate will not be as high as for the household charge, which the property tax replaces.

Revenue has extended its helpline (1890 200 255) hours up to next Tuesday’s deadline. The line will stay open until 8pm tonight, 9am to 5pm tomorrow and 8am to 8pm on Tuesday.