'Cementgate' takes off on Twitter


The incident in which a concrete mixer bearing the words 'Anglo Toxic Bank' was crashed into the gates of Leinster House was quickly dubbed 'Cementgate' on the social networking site Twitter. Contributors unleashed a rapid-fire barrage of 'cementgate' jokes and posted pictures from the scene.

The first picture posted on Twitter was taken by writer David Maybury and it was subsequently used by other media outlets, including The Irish Times, to illustrate the developing story.

Best of 'Cementgate' from Twitter:

johnfoley: "In what's seen as concrete move the construction industry cements their relationship with government"

colmtobin "Finally, the government have some concrete plans.

ConorWilson: "Good to see constructive protest. They'll be able to build on this"

ConorLambert "Maybe Cowen ordered a mixer for the whole cabinet!!"

TheEmergency "Delivery For Acting Taoiseach Blocks Dáil Gate http://bit.ly/cDD70M "

waterychestnut: "So you get arrested if you crash a truck into the Dail but not if you crash the entire economy?"

Littlesapling: "Demise of present government now written in (Road)Stone"

EleanorFitz: "In the wake of #cementgate Dail rushes to release statement assuring the public that no TDs were plastered."

JODedia:"That's not what i meant when i said i wanted a mixer to go with me jameson"

Kentar: "When asked why he drove his truck into the gates of Leinster house the suspect replied "It was cement to be..."

fearraigh75: "Have they anything concrete to go on in the investigation into #cementgate?"

_Hooch_ “REPORT: #cementgate driver claims he was only trying to 'mix it up' in Irish politics."

Scutmunkey: "Is it just me, or is there something exciting about an actual gate being involved in #cementgate?"

JODedia: "They'll be stuck between a rock and a hard place...when it sets."

Colmtobin: "Seriously though, the government must be mortarfied."

PhilipMacartney: "New Dail returns to build on firm foundation."

ConorLambert: "It's a gift to Dail Eireann from your colleagues in the Mafia FREE SLIPPERS FOR EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING!"

Lowfatevil: "Public opinion hardens as Dail resumes. People say government not listening, they're set in their ways."

ManAboutCouch: "Surely the truck was from the IMF (International Mortar Federation)."

AllanCavanagh: "Detectives catch Dail truck driver, say solving the crime was elecementary."

paddylogue: "Nice headline on Clare Herald website: 'Mortar Attack' On Leinster House."

SeanMoncrieff: "Trucky Ar La!"

Psneeze: "Breaking: Cement mixer and tow truck departed. Kildare St. will remain blocked by Garda cars and photographers for some time."

- compiled by Elaine Edwards