THE Zanussi national bridge team championship (Holmes Wilson Trophy), with over £2,000 in prizes, attracted a record entry of 220 players and was decided over three sessions in the Stand Hotel, The Curragh.

The event was won by two husband/wife partnerships, Prof Alex and Ann Montwill, and J.H. and Aileen O'Keeffe. Runners up were M. McGloughlin, A. O'Sullivan, N. Kennedy and D.A. Scannell, on a split tie from D.A. Jackson, P.F. Walsh, J. Comyn and B.J. O'Brien.

Best women's team: R. Keane, I. Cullinane, T. Leggett, M. Donegan. Men: P. O Briain, C. O Dalaigh, T. Ryan, R. Milne. Mixed: B. Lynch, G. Murtagh, C. McCann, P.G. Thornbury. Masters: F. Kelly, P. Healy, D. Doheny, B. Ryan. Intermediate A: B. Kemple, A. MacHale, N. Minogue, C. Dowling Long. Best third session: A. Mesbur, N.K. FitzGibbon, P. Walshe, N. Toibin.

The all Ireland schools team championship, organised by Dr G.M. Keaveney (091 755406), will take place in the Galway Centre, from February 28th to March 2nd.

National intermediate B pairs championship (Kervick Trophy) - Heat results - Ballinasloe: 1, M. Gannon, J. Burke; 2, J. Maloney, E. McKiernan; 3, C. Stewart, M. Farrell. Best novices: M Boland, K. Kilmartin.

Cork: 1, L. Murphy, R. Donovan; 2, C. McSweeney, M. O'Brien; 3, C. Heffernan, T. O'Connell; 4, R. Langford, M Walsh.

Dun Laoghaire: 1, M. McConville, A. O'Kane; 2, C. and K.Culleton; 3, P. Heron, K. O'Connor; 4, S. O'Kiersey, S. Horkan; 5, M. Flynn, A. Durcan. Novice: I. Ring, M. Condon.

Limerick: 1, T. Hardiman, N. Fitzgibbon; 2, M. Sheehan, J. Young; 3, A. and N. Flannery. Mullingar: 1, F. and B. Kelly; 2, K. Colvert, M. Maguire 3 R. Shaw, M. Hynes.

Slane: 1, L. Davis, B. Sinnott; 2, E. Hall, A. Dunne. Wexford: 1, M. Dempsey, M. Pierce; 2, G. Moynihan, J. McLean; 3, N. Burns, M. Davenport.

Kilkenny - Open pairs championship (Lady Bellew Cup): 1, J. Sexton, T. O'Hara; 2, A. Kavanagh, A. Nolan; 3, L. Tobin, W. Kelly. Sessional winners: K. Molloy, M. O'Brien; D. Crosbie, J. Doyle. Local prize: M. and N. Phelan. Club championship: 1, Molloy/O'Brien; 2, J. Campbell, P.Troy; 3, M. McInerney, A., Walsh.

The Bankers' congress will be held at 92-93 St Stephen's Green, Dublin, from March 15th to 23rd.

Brochures: Ann Hanratty (01 2698104).

The Fermanagh congress will be run in the Manor House Country Hotel, Killadeas, Enniskillen, from March 21st to 23rd. Brochures: Christy Shannon, Lisnarick Road, Irvinestown.