Builder fails to plug leaky water tower


A FIVE million litre municipal water tower in west Dublin has been empty since its construction more than three years ago due to “leaks”, Fingal County Council has confirmed.

The 34m (112ft) high water tower at Ballycoolin, near the M50 in Dublin 15, was built for the council by Coffey Construction as part of a water-supply scheme to serve the region.

All other work associated with the contract was completed in 2007, but the tower, although built, has yet to be used.

Local Fine Gael councillor Kieran Dennison said he was concerned the taxpayer would end up paying for infrastructure that did not work. “Three years later the water tower is leaking like a sieve. This is not new technology . . . I assume it was specified in the tender documents that the tower would have to hold water,” he said.

Mr Dennison claimed the water tower had cost €90 million. However the council yesterday said the actual cost was in the region of €2.7 million.

A spokeswoman for the council said the tower had not yet been accepted by the council as it did not comply with the contract requirements. The contractor had since late 2007 attempted to fix the leak problem, but had been unsuccessful, she added.

An alternative solution was being developed and remedial works due to take approximately four months would get under way this month. “Assuming this work is successful, the council expects to bring this water tower into full service by the end of 2010.”

The council “does not expect to bear any cost in relation to the remedial works”, she said. “Our sole objective at this stage is to ensure this contract is fully completed and any disputes resolved with no loss of public money.”