Bacik critical of Catholic Church publication 'Alive'


SEANAD REPORT:THE NEWSPAPER Aliverepresented the equivalent of the paramilitary wing of the Catholic Church, a Trinity member said. It put forward very extreme views, Ivana Bacik (Ind) maintained.

Taking issue with comments by a Fianna Fáil Senator, Ms Bacik said she thought that as legislators they were entitled to criticise Cardinal Brady when he strayed into criticism of the legislature, or of legislation it might be passing.

Earlier, Labhrás Ó Murchú (FF) said he did not like the manner in which the Cardinal had been criticised in the House. "My belief is that the church is quite entitled, on behalf of its membership, to express a view." It was wrong to suggest that constraints should be put on the prelate or on any other spokesperson.

Mr Ó Murchú made his comments in response to remarks by David Norris (Ind), who asked if anyone had noticed in regard to the discussions about the proposed civil partnership legislation, that it was being contended by conservative elements that the "family" could be maintained only by the architecture of discrimination against other citizens. He found that quite astonishing.

Mr Norris said the court ruling that people up to the age of 21 could take cases to the redress board for alleged abuse in institutions would result in another huge bill for the State. This state of affairs resulted from the negligence displayed by the Government in the deal it had negotiated with the church. It was ironic that that church should then engage in giving lectures about the family. "I mean, let's look at the record of the Ferns Report and . . . let us be a little bit more tentative."