At least 60 rape victims carried baby to term


Almost a fifth of women and girls who became pregnant from rape had abortions, while two-thirds brought a baby to full term, according to the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland.

The data on 2,036 victims of sexual violence who attended rape crisis centres shows that of the 90 girls and women who became pregnant as a result of rape in 2011, 17 terminated the pregnancy, 60 went to term and 11 miscarried or had stillbirths.

Twelve of those who carried the baby to full term had their child adopted or fostered. Two victims of sexual violence became pregnant more than once as a result of rape, the results found.

The figures are based on women and girls who attended all 15 rape crisis centres in the State in 2011.

Chief executive director Fiona Neary noted that in the current abortion debate there has been some mention of women raped and pregnant as a result.It was important the debate was informed by “best available facts” and “compassionate understanding” of realities facing the women, she said.

Ms Neary said those in the survey represented “one part of the picture” because not all rape survivors access rape crisis centres.

The numbers do not tell the circumstances behind the outcome such as a survivor’s age, resources, support and relationship to the rapist, she said.