What's hot, what's not

Hot: sweet white vermouth, not: dolphin killing face-scrubs


Sweet white vermouth mixed with lemonade, ice and lemon. A perfect on-the-balcony cocktail – take that, Pimms

French Foodie flicks A private screening of Amélie in Brook's Hotel, Dublin and après at La Maison restaurant. July 28th, €35

Zach Braff jumpstarts Bon Iver And the singer made a new song for the Wish I Was Here soundtrack. we're all happy he did


Robin Thicke's Twitter Q&A It went horribly wrong – of course

Sunday smooching Sunday is International Kissing Day (not that we need an excuse), so get puckering Welcome women Adam's summer loan exhibition is devoted to the ladies: Irish women artists 1870-1970


Yoga posing on social media Yeah we get it, you're great. Namaste, ok?

Dolphin killing face-scrubs? Plastic bits found in some exfoliators are getting in the sea – chose microbead-free ones Glastonbury clean-up A crew of 800 will take six weeks to clear Worthy Farm of rubbish

BBQ whiffs Wafting in the window when your fridge is empty

Normal nails When you ditch the shellac it's just not the same

Seaside walks Where the only vendor around just has hot drinks and melty chocolate

'Unruly beach brows' A new affliction invented to sell us more goop

Hamley's segregated summer Princesses one day, pirates another. What about boys and girls playing together