Travel Gear: thermal imaging, bottle lights and bro tools

Pocket-sized thermal imaging, light in a bottle and the multitool lighter

Flir Scout TK Monocular
Whether to reveal your inner spook or explore the nocturnal world of nature, Flir's new monocular offers pocket-sized thermal imaging. With approximately 90m range, the lightweight Scout TK is the point and squirt of heat-signature detectors for night-time and lowlight conditions, not only viewing, but shooting. It's got a one-hand intuitive design letting you choose from a variety of shooting modes and comes in a robust weather-resistant casing. You'll get an hour or two from the rechargeable L-ion battery.
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Firewater Multi-Bottle
Despite a name that hints at a selection head-banging hooch within, what you drink from it is up to you. Indeed Moonshine might also have been on the naming shortlist as it has a solar-charged LED secreted in its lid. So the bottle doubles as a lantern. Moreover, it has the option to power-up via USB if the sun isn't co-operating and is collapsible for stuffing away. Running time depends on the light mode, including emergency flashing, but its makers claim you'll get up to 12 hours. Available as 700ml bottle in three colours.
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LighterBro Pro The LighterBro is a multitool sleeve that slips on to a standard disposable "Bic" lighter. Made from stainless steel, a whole mini-toolbox of hardware is hidden away, including knife, ruler, flat and Phillip's head screwdrivers, hex bit socket, wrench, Allen key and more. The tool sizes are chosen to fit with common equipment defaults for activities like sailing, snowboarding and hiking. Of course, there's also a lighter in there. Oh, and that most essential tool of all: the bottle opener.
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