Historic village in the Italian alps or a one-bed in Dublin? You decide

Calsazio village in Italy on market for €245,000

Calsazio village in Italy on market for €245,000


Dublin house prices were put into perspective with the news that an entire village in the Italian Alps has been put up for sale on eBay for roughly the same asking price (or less) as a one-bed apartment in parts of the Dublin docklands .

The remaining inhabitants of Calsazio are asking €245,000 for the village which is located about 30 miles from Turin. We did a search online to see what’s available for that asking price in Dublin and among them found a three-bed terraced house in Drimnagh, a two-bed apartment at Kilgobbin Wood, Sandyford and a two- bed terraced house at O’Sullivan Avenue in Drumcondra.

The catch with buying Calsazio is that the buildings need serious restoration and anyone who buys the village must retain the distinctive architecture of the 14 timber and stone houses and 50 outbuildings .

It’s located just outside the Gran Paradiso National Park, a protected area of mountains and valleys, once a hunting reserve for King Vittorio Emmanuele II, the first king of Italy, and made Italy’s first national park in 1922.

The population there has dwindled over the years as young people left for life in the cities.

The residents want it turned into a tourist attraction and the idea is to convert its stone houses and barns into hotels and restaurants. The sale is being assisted by Uncem, the National Union of Mountain Communities. The deadline for the online auction is July 15th.