Abortion and Me: Share your story

As the Eighth Amendment referendum approaches, we want to hear from readers

There are many different reasons women terminate their pregnancies, or continue with them in challenging circumstances.

On May 25th, Ireland goes to the polls to vote to retain or repeal the Eighth Amendment, the clause in the Irish Constitution which effectively bans abortion in Ireland. In advance of the referendum, The Irish Times is looking to hear from readers (women and men, as well as doctors, midwives and other professionals involved in administering healthcare to women) about their individual experiences of the Eighth Amendment and abortion.

In the coming weeks, we hope to publish some of these stories, to help shine a light on the very personal circumstances which lead women and their partners to make the choices they do.

You can use this form above to send us your story. Couples are welcome to send a joint piece. Please keep the text under 1,000 words, and attach a photograph if you have one. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your submission – we will keep your name and contact details confidential.

Those who wish to be interviewed by a journalist can outline the details of their experience, and we will follow up by phone.

Please note we may not publish every story we receive, or be able to reply to every submission. All authors whose stories are selected for publication will be contacted in advance.

Thank you.

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