Bank on beef


Financial markets may be volatile, but beef bonds are a sure thing writes MARIE-CLAIRE DIGBY

The financial world may be in turmoil, but for holders of beef bonds, the future is bright. Fifth generation butcher Pat Whelan, whose James Whelan Butchers has outlets in Clonmel and the Avoca foodmarket in Monkstown, Dublin, launched his innovative scheme this week.

A €100 bond (€150 for the more expensive Wagyu breed) on maturity entitles shareholders to a delivery box of steak, roasts and braising cuts of Tipperary beef. Each beef bond displays the ID number, breed and expected maturity date of the animal it is tied to. As with all stocks, there’s a gamble involved, but in this case the risk is only in favour of the bondholder. There is a guaranteed minimum expected maturity weight with each animal, but if yours exceeds this, you receive a greater amount of beef. The minimum you’ll receive is 6lbs of a selection of roast joints, 4lbs of a selection of steak cuts, 4lbs of a selection of braise/slow cook cuts, and 3lbs of a selection of mince and burgers. The bonds mature in 10-12 weeks, but shorter terms are available.

If you’d like to win a Wagyu Beef Bond, worth €150, send the answer to the following question, with your contact details and address, to, no later than Friday, November 23rd. Please put Wagyu beef in the subject field.

I n what what country does Kobe Wagyu beef originate?