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Thursday’s Top Stories: RTÉ Toy Show the Musical’s planned shows too few for break even - report; Ireland should support return home for Ukrainians, says O’Gorman

Here are the most important stories you need to start your day, including: Motion for Ireland to back South Africa’s genocide case against Israel is defeated in Dáil

RTÉ Toy Show the Musical’s planned shows too few for break even and sponsorship overstated - report

The number of showings planned for the RTÉ Toy Show the Musical was never enough to break even while the amount of sponsorship secured was overstated, a new report into the controversy has found.

Minister for Media Catherine Martin has received the Grant Thornton report which examines governance around the Toy Show the Musical, which went on to record losses of €2.2 million. The show ran over several weeks at the Convention Centre, Dublin, in late 2022.

Three senior sources have said the matter is being viewed as extremely serious within Government and that it comes at a sensitive time when Ministers were due to weigh up future funding models for the broadcaster.

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