Two wines from lesser known parts of Spain worth seeking out

Wines for the Weekend: A white from Monterrei, which is in Galicia and a red from Navarra, right next door to Rioja

As we approach the last few days of the O’Briens Spanish Wine Sale, here are two wines from less familiar parts of Spain. Monterrei is in Galicia, not far from Rías Baixas, a region that is widely known. The grape here is different, however. Godello tends to produce richer, more textured wines such as the Alma. Navarra is right next door to Rioja, another region well-known to Irish wine drinkers, The Ars in Vitro below is made primarily from the tempranillo grape with the addition of 15 per cent Merlot.

Alma de Blanca Godello 2022, Monterrei

Broad peaches and melon fruits with plenty of mouth-watering refreshing acidity. This would go nicely with richer shellfish such as prawns, scallops or crab. 13% abv, €13.56, down from €16.95.

Tandem Ars in Vitro 2019, Navarra

Very attractive smooth ripe dark cherry and plum fruits and a nicely rounded finish. Big enough to handle grilled red meats or a beef stew, or a robust herby white bean casserole. 14% abv, €12.76, down from €15.95.