What’s on Thursday: Clean Bandit and Returning to Haifa



Clean Bandit
Mandela Hall, Belfast 8pm £20 (sold out)

If you’re looking for nifty electro-pop spliced with hints of deep house and strong elements of classical music, then look no further than this quartet (above) of former undergraduates from Cambridge, UK. Can’t make the gig tonight? Not to worry – the rascals play Dublin on Friday March 6th. 


Transition Duo meets . . .
JJ Smyths, Aungier St 8.30pm €10

Hammond organ and drums duo John Hondrop and Markus Strothmann (from the Netherlands and Germany respectively) are serial monogamists, travelling Europe, teaming up with local musicians and finding a common groove wherever they go. Cape Town saxophonist Chris Engel, dynamic bassist Cormac O’Brien, and soulful trumpeter Bill Blackmore are sure to give as good as they get.


Returning To Haifa
The New Theatre Mar 2-7 7.30pm €12-15

Set 20 years after the 1948 Palestinian exodus, against an eerie sense of calm, Ghassan Kanafani’s novella Returning to Haifa is a remarkably even-handed portrait of dispossession and revisiting. Here, Anthony Fox revives his staging of a new adaptation, by Angela Gissi, as the couple Said and Safiyya return to a house where no one can ever again feel entirely at home. “What is a homeland?” wonders Said, a question that this thought provoking piece leaves poignantly hanging.