Legally Blonde: The Musical


Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

 Omigod, you guys, who would have thought the mildly entertaining 2001 film Legally Blonde would make such a wonderfully enjoyable stage musical? For those who missed out on the Reese Witherspoon movie vehicle, Legally Blonde is the story of Elle Woods, a smart but ditzy sorority girl from Malibu who is unceremoniously dumped by her preppie boyfriend Warner. He’s off to Harvard Law School, and tells her that if he wants to be a success, he needs “less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie” by his side.

Determined to win back her man, Elle studies her way into Harvard and joins the class. But she isn’t taken seriously by her law professor and classmates – until she learns how to embrace her unique skills with the help of her new friends, young lawyer Emmett and sassy but insecure hairdresser Paulette.

This hugely entertaining and gloriously camp production is an utter delight. The songs, by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, aren’t musically groundbreaking, but they’re witty and fun and never dull. From the opening number (Omigod You Guys) to Paulette’s surprising ode to our native land (Ireland) to the grand finale (Find My Way) the pace never flags, and the show’s tongue is always firmly in its cheek.

The cast is uniformly excellent. The talented Faye Brookes brings just the right mixture of wide-eyed charm and knowing self-awareness to Elle, Andy Mace is a charismatic Professor Callahan and the likeable Stephen Ashfield won the audience’s hearts as Emmett. Hannah Grover is fabulous as Brooke, a fitness guru charged with murder.

Two performers best known for their appearances on the X Factor, Ray Quinn and Niki Evans, deliver strong performances as Warner and Paulette, while Lewis Griffiths is particularly funny as Kyle, a strutting delivery guy with a surprising talent. And then there are the two canine stars, an adorable chihuahua and an even cuter bulldog. If you have an aversion to fluffy pink campness you’ll be tempted to run a mile from this witty gem – but that’s your loss. I loved every hilarious, sparkling minute. Until April 21