Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood


RIGHT from the flamboyant and energetic opening dance sequence, it was clear this was going to be a class show. All the classic panto elements are present and correct, from the deliciously hammy and mildly menacing baddie

-the Sheriff of Nottingham

-to the romantic love couple

-Robin and Maid Marion.

The story opens with the two orphaned children, Jack and Jill, accompanied by their nanny, Nurse Glucose, on their way to meet Uncle Cedric, aka the sheriff. He, on hearing that their father has left them a fortune in gold, plans to kill them, abetted by the hapless duo, Toyle and Trubble. However, Robin and the rest save the day and a happy ending ensues.

All this show deserves is plaudits. Garret Phillips as the sheriff had the audience booing vociferously within seconds, while Frank Naughton and Colleen Gaffney as Robin and Marion cooed, kissed and duetted magnificently. Chris Mephem as Nurse Glucose was garrulously over the top and looked fabulously excessive in an outrageous range of costumes. Ronan O'Flaherty and Katie Muldrew were perfect as Jack and Jill.

All of this, allied with some excellent choreography, wonderful sets and great costumes, adds up to a show which rips along beautifully. A minor quibble would be that it is too long.