Peter King Quartet


A large attendance at this TCD Jazz Society presentation were treated to an uncompromising programme of harmonically challenging music with many less familiar time signatures much in evidence. In such a situation, it is imperative that the group, as a collective, can be clearly heard, and unfortunately the bass sound lacked clarity and the piano seemed slightly under amplified, with resultant loss of impact.

Notwithstanding, the quartet gave ample evidence of their individual brilliance; not least Peter King, whose playing on alto and soprano was assured throughout. Highlights included a wonderfully constructed solo on Footprints and an exquisite solo intro to Naima.

Julian Joseph is a most technically gifted pianist, though, at times, a little over indulgent; an absolutely gorgeous intro to Never Let Me Go was testament to his fine reputation. Dave Green is one of the finest bassists in the world, but on this occasion the sound mitigated somewhat against him. Stephen Keogh, now established as one of Europe's top drummers, was in fine form, his style very suited to the programme.

Other selections included Gershwin's My Man's Gone Now (a la Coltrane quartet with a lovely soprano from King) and an interesting Julian Joseph composition in 7/4 and 4/4 called Language of Truth.

Despite a somewhat relentless programme and some sound deficiencies, there was enough fine music to have made it well worth being there.