Zomby: With Love

Fri, Jun 28, 2013, 00:00


With Love




Taking time out from a prolific sideline as the most abrasive Twitter addict in electronic music, Zomby is ambitious and brazen on his third album. At 33 tracks, each clocking in at around two minutes, With Love is a dark, occasionally blemished but always fascinating forage into Zomby’s sonic obsessions. Both the euphoric, cheeky headrush of his Where Were U in ’92? (2008) raver-gold debut and the more considered and cerebral chinstroking of Dedication (2011) are reflected here as Zomby rewinds and fastforwards on what he has learned from the drum’n’bass, garage and bass domains. It’s Time, Pray for Me and I Saw Golden Light are gloriously stoked, moving Zomby’s musical palatte towards the Warp classics where Aphex Twin and Autechre are to be found. As the tracks jitter and stutter between bold moves towards the speakers and spending time in the shadows, you’re left saluting Zomby’s panache. twitter.com/zombymusic
Download: It’s Time, Pray for Me