Youngblood Hawke: Wake Up

Fri, Aug 16, 2013, 00:00


Wake Up

Youngblood Hawke



The more you listen to Youngblood Hawke’s debut album, the more sugar you’ll end up craving. The work of LA duo Sam Martin and Simon Katz, formerly of Igly & Hartly, Youngblood Hawke are relentlessly upbeat, sunny, optimistic and hyperactive, beating an indie pop drum set permanently at fever pitch. You can see why Coca-Cola tapped Youngblood’s fizziest and most infectious anthem (We Come Running) for an advertising campaign. The problem with any sugar high is that you’re left with little of substance once the initial buzz fades (and boy, does it fade). Every tune sounds a little Frankensteinian, a jamming together of Arcade Fire, Foster the People, Passion Pit and other indie glee-seekers with one eye on the chequebook and the other on what the alt.crowd might like.
Download: We Come Running